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My name is Dr. Attila Lőrincz and I am active ultrasound specialist. Please allows me that I introduce me and my activity.

Qualification: PhD (Ultrasound Physics and Biology)
Chemical and Bioengineer
Food Engineer

Activity: Design, construction and salesmanship of active (?1W/cm2) ultrasound systems and devices

Settlement: Research and Development / know-how and/or device salesmanship

Enterprise: Design, building and salesmanship of general and special ultrasound devices and systems from laboratory to plant size

Main cooperation fields:

- ultrasonic cell and particle disruption
- acoustical cutting, surface treatments (liquid and dry type)
- solid phase transmission of high performance vibration
- acoustical mixing (molecular and batch),
- acoustical homogenizing, and dispersion (emulsifying, suspending)
- acoustical sedimentation, emulsifying/emulsion dissociation
- defoaming
- acoustical levitation (in liquids and gases)
- ultrasonic vaporization
- industrial cleaning (e.g. textile, membrane, waste water, layer scaling...)
- selective separation
- intensifying of the meat curing, and salting
- acoustical reactor techniques
- hyperthermia
- intensifying of physical, chemical and biological (e.g. fermentation) processes
- continuous supercritical extraction by ultrasound
- other R + D fields.


Developed US systems and devices:

- Ultrasonic tube reactors (20kHz-2MHz);
- Liquid and air base ultrasound levitators (goal: christall enlargement, contact less particle /cell/ manipulation…)
- Design, construction and application of special (20kHz-4MHz) ultrasound transducers (application: in liquid and solid phase)
- Simultaneous treatment-measurement system
- High performance ultrasonic baths and mobile immersible transducers
- Industrial layer scaling equipment
- US disruptors
- new type of ultrasonic homogenizer
- US hyperthermia system (under construction for medical tumour treatment)
- many other special ultrasonic equipments parts and accessorial elements.

Main publications

- Lőrincz, A. – Neményi, M. (2002): Assesement of the effectiveness of ultrasonic cell disruption by acoustic phenomena as a function of the suspension concentration. 32’nd Annual Ultrasonic Industry Association Symposium. October 21 – 23. 2002, The Helmsley Hotel, New York, NY. Medical Session.
- Lőrincz, A. (2003): Ultrasonic Cellular Disruption of Yeast in Water Based Suspensions. Biosystems Engineering. Vol. 89. Issue 3. pp. 297-308.
- Lőrincz, A. (2004): Application of the Ultrasound Hyperthermia Model for a Multi-layered Tissue System. Advanced Metrology for Ultrasound in Medicine, 27-28 April 2004, Teddington, UK.
- Lőrincz, A. (2004): Opportunities for Applying Digital and Analogous Machine Vision in Cell Analytical Methods Used for Analyzing Cell Disruption Effect of Ultrasound. XXII International Congress of the International Society for Analytical Cytology (ISAC), 22-27 May 2004 at Le Corum in Montpellier, France.

Dr. Lőrincz Attila, Ph.D.
9200 Mosonmagyaróvár, Magyar u. 17.
Mobile.: 06-70-298-0893, Home.: 06-96-205-132

[Download article: Modeling the heat effect of ultrasound in the irradiated tissues]